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Battery Date Viewer PC

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Our Battery Date Viewer is an offline software to review the test and analyze data from our battery test equipment such as Battery Tester BT3915, Battery Load units LB3980 and Battery Charger & Discharger PITE3932T, it comes within the USB flash drive in your product package, you can also redownload it from our weblink

  • PC Requirements: Windows with Chrome browser
  • You need register a local account to log in
  • Data management logic: Company>Branch>Site>battery test date, you need create and enter simple company, branch, site and battery information during the procedure

1 Register an local account to log in

2 Create a company account to manage your date

3 Click”+” to continue and creat a branch account

4 Enter Branch name and save

5 Upload your test data via the string section

6 Upload

7 Upload successfully

8 Battery string test data diagram

9 Single battery test data diagram

10 Battery test data overview

11 Download test data in Excel

12 Battery test data in Excel

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