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Battery Data Viewer Online

Battery Date Viewer Online is an online interface to allow our customer register their own account to manage their test data from our battery test equipment such as Battery Tester BT3915, Battery Load units LB3980 and Battery Charger & Discharger PITE3932T, after register your account and login, you can view your test data in many ways or download it in Excel

Battery Data Viewer Online2020-09-09T01:04:11+00:00

Ground Fault Locator

Cost can be tremendous upon bad insulation or grounding in the power system. It may even cause power break-off which is costly to repair. Therefore, fast localization and elimination of grounding faults will be significant for electricians and technicians. It is also required by DIN VDE 0100-410 (VDE 0100-410): 2007-06 chapter 411.6.3.1 and IEC 60364-4-41 chapter 413.1.5.4. GFL 3836 is developed to fast detect, track and locate virtual grounding faults on DC systems. This spares you from hours of unnecessary troubleshooting and helps to increase the reliability of your electrical equipment. It is widely used in locomotive, telecom, power utilities, etc Fast location for ground fault in different DC systems Strong anti-interference when system is working online Innovative dual-range current detector with direction sensitivity Multi-way for location: Current direction, signal strength & phase angle

Ground Fault Locator2020-09-08T03:08:58+00:00

Battery Tester

Regular maintenance and test is a “must-have” procedure for standby batteries. It is also recommended by IEEE latest standard for maintenance and testing of standby batteries. The excellent performance of BT 3915 for testing cell internal resistance and voltage will help you eliminate the weak batteries and ensure their performance.

Battery Tester2020-09-08T06:26:34+00:00

Battery Load Bank

LB3980 DC load banks are designed for user ease of use, portability, and versatility in mind. Discharge testing batteries is the only verifiable method the capacity of your batteries and the LB3980 delivers a programmable, constant current load for your testing needs. Whether you are  load testing for capacity, performance, acceptance, NERC compliance, or other, the LB3980 provides an economical complete package solution. Increase employee and battery system safety with PER CELL monitoring and standard built in auto-shutdown features. To suit a variety of industries and diverse applications, we offers over 75 standard models to fit your exact needs at the best price.

Battery Load Bank2020-09-08T05:31:19+00:00

Battery Date Viewer PC

Our Battery Date Viewer is an offline software to review the test and analyze data from our battery test equipment such as Battery Tester BT3915, Battery Load units LB3980 and Battery Charger & Discharger PITE3932T, it comes within the USB flash drive in your product package, you can also redownload it from our weblink

Battery Date Viewer PC2021-06-02T01:02:45+00:00

Battery Charger & Discharger Complex

It is complex unit with one-stop-solution for battery maintenance. With charging and discharging for the same battery string, it will greatly simplify your maintenance for batteries. Extra functions like wireless online monitoring and battery activation will enable you to know your batteries comprehensively.

Battery Charger & Discharger Complex2020-09-08T06:56:09+00:00

AC Load Bank

Regular AC load bank testing of generators provides an essential health check service to prevent diesel engine failure due to wet stacking. Wet stacking occurs due to under loading of the genset which results in wet un-burned fuel building up in the engine. PITE offers the AC load bank which could meet your demands.

AC Load Bank2020-09-09T06:42:14+00:00
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